EYP Mini Session

Auch in diesem Jahr nahmen Schüler und Schülerinnen der 7K und der 7RG gemeinsam mit Delegationen aus drei anderen Wiener Gymnasien an einer MINI-SESSION des Europäischen Jugendparlaments teil.

In Kleingruppen, die von engagierten EYP-Freiwilligen betreut wurden, diskutierten sie aktuelle politische Themen auf Englisch, arbeiteten Resolutionen aus und präsentierten ihre Ergebnisse im Plenum.

First, we were assigned to our committees and then we started with a few games, which helped us to get to know each other and to introduce ourselves. It was very amusing and the atmosphere was great. After that, we started discussing our topic (legal drugs) and talking about the problem it carries with it. The team got along very well and mostly agreed on every thing. Then we tried to come up with solutions, which in my opinion we did pretty well. Afterwards, we presented our findings in the General Assembly, where we also had the opportunity to see other group presentations and ask them questions. The EYP volunteers were very friendly and later on gave us information about EYP (e.g. how to join, what the main goal is and so on) To sum up, it was a very interesting and positive experience, which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Andjelina Filic, 7K