3B Lignano 18/19

Projektwoche: Sport am Strand, Englisch und ein Ausflug nach Venedig

Ende Mai 2019 verbrachte die 3B fünf Tage in Lignano, Italien. Auf dem Programm standen viele sportliche Aktivitäten, ein Englischkurs und ein Tagesausflug nach Venedig. Hier sind die Berichte der SchülerInnen über die Aktivitäten, die ihnen am bestengefallen haben:

Venice: Two weeks ago I went with my class to Lignano. What I liked most about the trip was the day that we went to Venice. In the morning we went by coach to a ferry and after this, the ship took us to Venice. Then we started walking around thestreets. On the way we saw an ice-cream shop. It was hot and we were so thirsty that we couldn’t resist; everyone bought himself a “granita”. After this we continued walking. We saw a lot of beautiful things, for example Piazza San Marco, the Rialto Bridge,the clothes hanging above the water, the many souvenir shops and even a sweet shop with giant candies! What a fantastic day! (C. A., 3B)

Aqua Zumba: We, the 3B, were on a sports week in Lignano in Italy, where it was very nice. I liked Aqua Zumba the best. In the beginning we were still shy and many of us did not dare to dance. I did not find it embarrassing but just enjoyed it! We dancedto different songs in the sea, which was very much fun. They played really cool songs, like “Despacito”, real summer songs. It was hot on the beach but since we had our feet in the sea it was pleasant! I personally thought that was the most beautiful activity.(E. J., 3B)

The beach race: The beach race was really exhausting and the weather was too hot, but I had fun. I felt like I was running all the way to Vienna. The buildings next to the beach were like signs. For example, our finish line was in front of the last skyscraper.While I was running, I couldn’t see the end from far away, so I looked at the buildings on the side and it helped. It was fun and at the same time we were able to enjoy the beautiful view from the beach. (M. Y., 3B)

The water park: We stayed there for one hour, I think, and then we went back. In the park there were four teachers who wanted to make us dance, but we didn’t want to. Fortunately that was okay. We went to the slide and it was kind of perfect. There werethree slides and we tried out all of them. This was one of the best moments in Italy! (S. D., 3B)